Four people died in Chukotka during a hard landing of the Mi-8 helicopter

Chukotka: Four people were killed in a hard landing of a Mi-8 helicopter at the Coal Mines airport in Chukotka, the district government told media.

“Four people were killed. Previously, the cause of the helicopter crash was a technical malfunction,” the source said.

According to the head of the Anadyr region of Chukotka, Sergei Savchenko, the accident occurred “during tests after repair.” After landing, the helicopter caught fire, he said TASS. He added that “the four dead are military personnel.”

The incident occurred at the airport of federal importance to them. Rythaeu.

Debris analysis

At the crash site of the Mi-8 helicopter, an analysis of the rubble began. This was announced to media by the director general of the FSUE Chukotka Airports Sergey Batychenko.

“A commission of the Ministry of Defense and airport staff are working at the crash site. Experts have already begun to deal with the debris. The airport infrastructure and the runway were not damaged as a result of the crash: the helicopter crashed in open areas,” Sergei Bytychenko told TASS.

In the administration of the international airport to them. Yuri Rytkheu TASS confirmed that the test helicopter after maintenance, during which the crash occurred, took place in the military closed territory of the airport. The emergency did not affect the work of the remaining sectors of the air harbor. The fire at the crash site has been extinguished.

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