Trump Recognizes Morocco’s Sovereignty Over Western Sahara

Moroco Report by Sara Saoudi: In an unprecedented move, US President Donald Trump recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Trump took to his Twitter today, saying that the US has no option other than supporting Morocco in its cause.

“Morocco recognized the United States in 1777. It is thus fitting we recognize their sovereignty over the Western Sahara.”

Trump shared a series of tweets lauding diplomatic relations between the two countries.

He said that he signed a proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

The US president, who will leave the White House in January, also reiterated the US’ support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan.

“Morocco’s serious, credible, and realistic autonomy proposal is the ONLY basis for a just and lasting solution for enduring peace and prosperity!” he tweeted.

US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer welcomed the “historic announcement,” qualifying it as “a major milestone in more than 200 years of friendship between our two countries.”

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